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Costs to register a trademark

So what are the costs to register a trademark?

All our charges are fixed, transparent and are set out in detail in below. There are no application hidden costs. We provide top-quality legal advice by fully-qualified, highly-experienced solicitors at fixed, transparent, affordable rates.

Our rates are inclusive of all searching and all initial advice. We make no charge at all either for searching or for setting a registration strategy based on the results of those searches. We make no charge for initial legal advice. You should bear in mind that a number of online trademark services will often quote costs to register a trademark that include considerable hidden charges. Many will also charge for searches. This can get expensive if you need to carry out several searches.In spite of the low headline rates advertised, the final costs will be much higher. Our search service is conpletely free.  Others will proceed on the basis of cursory, automated searches that are not reliable in many cases where a professional subjective judgement can make all the difference to the success of the final outcome. Some charge on open-ended hourly rates. Moreover, many of these providers are not qualified solicitors and are either not able to, or do not wish to, deal with any but the easiest cases.

In contrast, all our costs are fixed, transparent and inclusive of all searching and legal advice prior to filing. In addition, we are fully-qualified solicitors. Our experience means that we are often successful in securing a registration for clients where other services have advised that the mark cannot be registered. We pride ourselves in overcoming legal difficulties that have often proved insurmountable for other online trademark service providers. Our accessibility, professionalism and cost-effectiveness mean we have become one of the leading trademark services providers in the UK. We are fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and accredited by Chambers UK Legal Directory as Leaders in the Field of Intellectual Property Law.

Unlike some firms or other online trade mark “factories” whose charges are often open-ended and involve hidden costs, our charges are TRANSPARENT, FULLY-INCLUSIVE and FIXED.

NB: We do not charge for carrying out trademark searches, nor for reporting the search results to you, nor for discussing your trademark registration aims and strategy, nor for any initial legal advice on trademark registration issues. Moreover all of our searches are carried out by fully-qualified trade mark specialists. We do not recommend that you rely on automated trademark searches. These automated computer searches are often inaccurate, incomplete and misleading and overlook important legal issues that can cause major legal problems later. So take full advantage of our advice-based trademark registration service. It is designed to ensure you get the best possible legal advice tailored to your specific requirement and the widest possible exclusivity for your chosen names and brands ..all at the very keenest price.

UK Trademark Registration

Classes* Our Fee(ex VAT) Registry Fee
1 £340 £170
2 £390 £220
3 £440 £270
4 £490 £320
5 £540 £370
6 £590 £420

EU Trademark Registration (covers all 26 EU Member States including the UK)

Classes* Our Fee(ex VAT) Registry Fee
1-3 £790 £800
4 £840 £950
5 £890 £1100


FAST-TRACK SERVICE: The filing of a trade mark application can often be extremely urgent, especially when there is a trade mark ownership dispute looming, or a race for the name, or a new product or service is about to be launched or disclosed to third parties. In these circumstances, it is important that the trademark is protected without delay. We therefore provide a fast-track service that files immediately and ensures that the Registry proceeds to examine the application as a matter of priority. An additional expedition fee of £250 plus VAT is payable for this priority service.

* Trade marks fall into 45 different categories or “classes” or goods and services. Depending on your business, you may require a spread of classes in order to obtain proper legal protection. Ask us for expert guidance.

International Trademark Registration - Rest of the World

Under the Madrid Protocol, it is possible to obtain very broad international trademark protection for a reasonably modest investment. When considering an international trademark registration program, each brand should be considered individually having regard to the current and intended scope of the business, now and in the future. We specialise in helping businesses put together cost-effective customised trademark registration programs to ensure that proper trademark protection is obtained where needed but that no costs are wasted.

You can request a Trademark Registration quote by clicking the REGISTER A TRADEMARK tab or REGISTER A TRADEMARK box on any page of this website.

We can provide competitive quotes for international applications anywhere in the world. If you would like to discuss your requirement with us first so that we can give you a quote for your specific requirement, or if you would like some free advice on exactly what the best scope of your trademark registration should be ...please just call us...or email us from the CONTACT PAGE with your enquiry and details and we will get back to you.

Trade Mark Registration is a Long-term Investment

In most countries, a trademark registration, once granted, lasts for ten years, and can be renewed in perpetuity thereafter upon payment of a nominal renewal fee. So for a relatively modest investment, you can ensure that you own the name exclusively and that you are not building up goodwill, reputation and market-share under a brand name that could belong to someone else and that could be challenged and taken away from you at any time.

The cost to register a trademark is a relatively modest investment when you consider that a trademark registration lasts for 10 years and can be renewed in perpetuity upon payment of a small fee every decade. Your trade mark registration is therefore a long-lasting investment, which can return an extremely valuable dividend as your brand – whether a product or a service – becomes more and more established. This can be particularly important when you come to sell your business or grant franchises or licences to others.

For any further advice and information, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help.

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