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trademark registration is important. Talk to a trademark expert.Fast, free trademark registration advice from the experts.

If you need fast, reliable legal advice on any aspect of trademark registration you are in the right place.

We are trademark solicitors with over 30 years experience in trademark registration. We have advised literally 1000's of businesses of all kinds on trademark and branding issues. 

Get expert legal advice from top trade mark professionals before you commit to filing an application.

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GET FREE LEGAL ADVICE to a trademark expert right now on any aspect of trademark registration. Our legal advisory and search service is free!
GET A FREE TRADEMARK SEARCH if your trademark, name or slogan is legally available. Get a Free Trademark Search right now. Your trademark searches are carried out and reviewed by legal experts.
GET A FREE TRADEMARK AVAILABILITY REPORT   ...get a Free Report on the legal availability of your trademark BEFORE you commit ...from our experts.
REGISTER A TRADEMARK When you are satisfied that your chosen trademark is legally available we will handle the whole trademark registration process for you. We will draft the best trademark specification for your business, deal with all Registry queries and conduct any necessary Registry hearings. FIXED FEES ..NO hidden costs!

We provide a one-stop trademark resource dedicated to helping you register your trademark.  We deal with UK, EU and International trademark registration if you need advice on how to trademark a company name, copyright a logo, or register a trademark anywhere in the world, we can help.

Our team of highly experienced trademark lawyers and leading trademark specialists are independently recommended by Chambers Legal 500 Directory as UK Leaders in the Field of Intellectual Property Law.

So take full advantage of our unique and highly acclaimed trademark registration service. Contact us now and get immediate, helpful and practical legal advice from qualified UK trademark lawyers completely free of charge. We advise on all trademark registration issues, trademark conflicts, domain name disputes, brand ownership questions, new product development issues, pre-launch action planning, passing off and trademark infringement matters.

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Your trade mark is valuable: entrust it to the experts with over 30 years experience in the field of trademark registration and brand protection in the UK and internationally. Read here why should you use us?

IMPORTANT: Trade mark law is a highly specialised area. It is very easy to make a serious mistake or miss a trick when registering a trademark. You should always take advice from a trademark expert before committing to the cost of a trademark registration. Our trademark registration service is an advice-based service. This means that you will have the benefit of discussing your commercial aims and concerns with a trademark expert before you proceed. This is a completely free service that we provide to make sure you get the strongest possible trademark registration. This is definitely not something that should be entrusted to an automatic computer search programme that cannot undertake the detailed legal analysis necessary to ensure that you get the best trademark registration advice. Your trademark searches will be carried out for you personally by our own expert staff who specialise in trademark registration. Your search results  will be closely reviewed by fully-qualified solicitors who are able to exercise the necessary professional judgement to ensure that you receive the best possible trademark registration advice. 

ABOUT TRADE MARKS to help you with trademark registration, how to trademark a name, register a trade nametrademark a company namecopyright  a logotrademark a brand name and much more  
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