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What is Brand Registration?

One of the first things to consider for any new business or new product is brand registration.

The development and launch of a new brand requires the investment of a great deal of financial, mental and emotional capital and it is for this reason that brand registration, or legal protection of the new brand, should be a top priority for any new business venture. This applies whether the new brand is a new company, new product or service, or new online business. And brand registration is equally if not more important for traditional offline businesses including physical locations such as hotels, clubs, sports and social centres, shops and restaurants.

Brand registration is another name for trademark registration and this is the only way that a brand owner can get exclusive rights to use the new brand in any given national territory. Neither limited company incorporation nor domain name registration will provide any legal protection for a new brand. Registration of the name as a registered trademark is the only way to own a name exclusively.

Without a trademark registration, there is no way that you can prevent competitors or “copycats” from using the same brand and effectively hi-jacking the goodwill and reputation that you have built up in your own name and brand.

Check out the other major legal Benefits of Trademark Registration and then request a Registration quotation.

A successful brand is a hugely valuable asset and in order to secure and protect the brand, registration as a trademark should be done as soon as possible, either before commencement of trading or shortly thereafter.

Our legal team is accredited by the UK Legal 500 Directory as specialists in the field of brand registration so contact us now for some free legal advice. Phone or complete the relevant box and click submit and we will carry out some free availability searches to establish whether the proposed brand is free for use and registration as a trademark.

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Brand Registration...Trademark Registration is the Key

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