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How to register a Trade Name

First, although it is useful to register a trade name as a company name by incorporation at Companies House this does not confer any rights in the trade name itself. All it does is to stop someone else registering exactly the same name for a company. It does not stop them using the trade name in business to describe their products or services.

Also, whilst there may be SEO benefits if you register a trade name as a url or domain name, again the legal position is exactly the same, namely this does not stop others using the same name as a trademark to sell their products and services.

The only way you can conclusively register a trade name, in the sense of getting the exclusive legal rights to use it is to protect it by way of trademark registration. So it is crucial for any new business to register a trade name as a registered trade mark as soon as possible. If not, the name is essentially unprotected and you may spend years building up goodwill in your trade name only to find that someone else has taken the registered rights and you have to stop using your trade name immediately. At this point, you lose all your goodwill in the name and are force to re-brand. Often such rebranding is devastating and costly. All the goodwill and reputation that has been acquired and earned through numerous years of successful trading can be lost in the process You will be unlikely to forget a second time to have your new name recorded on the Trade Mark Register. A trade name is a valuable business asset and trademark registration is the strongest means of securing protection for the goodwill and reputation that it will acquire.

Early action taken to register a trade name at an initial stage secures its long-term capital value.

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