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Trade Mark Registration - What Does it Cost?

Trademark registration costs are made up of Trademark Registry charges, legal costs and VAT. 

UK Trademark Registration...

Number of Classes Our Fee (ex VAT) Registry Fee
1 £370 £170
2 £420 £220
3 £470 £270
4 £520 £320
5 £570 £370
6 £620 £420

EU Trademark Registration (covers all 28 EU Member States including the UK)

Number of Classes Our Fee (ex VAT) EU Fee 
1 £720 850 Euros
2 £770 900 Euros
3 £820 1050 Euros
4 £870 1200 Euros
5 £920 1350 Euros
6 £970 1500 Euros


Unlike other online trademark sites whose charges are often open-ended and involve hidden costs, our charges are TRANSPARENT, FULLY-INCLUSIVE and FIXED.

We do not charge for

- carrying out trademark searches

- reporting the search results to you

- discussing your trademark strategy 

- initial legal advice on trademark registration 

- putting togther and international protection programme for you

- legal advice on your business 

So take full advantage of our advice-based trademark registration service. Ensure you get the best possible legal advice that is tailored to your specific requirements and the widest possible exclusivity for your chosen names and brands ..all at the very keenest price.


(*Trade marks fall into 45 different categories or “classes” or goods and services. Depending on your business, you may require a spread of classes in order to obtain proper legal protection. Ask us for expert guidance.)

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International Trademark Registration - Rest of the World

Under the Madrid Protocol, it is possible to obtain very broad international trademark protection for a reasonably modest investment. When considering an international trademark registration program, each brand should be considered individually having regard to the current and intended scope of the business, now and in the future. We specialise in helping businesses put together cost-effective customised trademark registration programs to ensure that proper trademark protection is obtained where needed but that no costs are wasted.

You can request a Trademark Registration quote by clicking the REGISTER A TRADEMARK tab or REGISTER A TRADEMARK box on any page of this website.

We can provide competitive quotes for international applications anywhere in the world. If you would like to discuss your requirement with us first so that we can give you a quote for your specific requirement, or if you would like some free advice on exactly what the best scope of your trademark registration should be ...please just call us...or email us from the CONTACT PAGE with your enquiry and details and we will get back to you.

Trade Mark Registration is a Long-term Investment

In most countries, a trademark registration, once granted, lasts for ten years, and can be renewed in perpetuity thereafter upon payment of a nominal renewal fee. So for a relatively modest investment, you can ensure that you own the name exclusively and that you are not building up goodwill, reputation and market-share under a brand name that could belong to someone else and that could be challenged and taken away from you at any time.

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