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How do you copyright logo designs and graphics?

Copyright LogoIs it possible to get the exclusive legal right to copyright logo designs and other creative graphics?

Most certainly! ...and you can just click the 'Register Trademark'  tab above to do just that! Go right ahead now..

In fact, the answer has very little to do with copyright at all but rather with the much more important subject of trademark registration.

A copyright logo or copyright design is usually an original graphic that is used to denote a particular product or service.

There is copyright in a logo and, in the UK and copyright will usually automatically belong to the designer, or to the company that employs the designer. So is there any need to copyright a logo?

Yes. It is very important that the customer for whom the logo has been created should understand how to ‘copyright a logo’ by way of trademark registration because it is only in this way that the exclusive rights in the logo can be secured.

Intellectual property rights are often the most valuable rights that any business owns. They include trademarks, design rights, brand names, logos, patents and copyright. A logo, brand or business name can only be properly protected by registering it as a registered trademark.

Of equal importance for clients and customers of any logo designer is to ensure that the logo copyright has been assigned in writing by the designer at the time or, or prior to, payment for the design service.

Please contact us if you want to discuss who owns the copyright in any design that has been created for you.

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