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Trademark Registration: Dealing with an Opposition?

trademark registration disputeIf you have a name, a brand, a logo or trademark and you want to protect it, the thing to do is to start the trademark registration process.

In fact, the trademark registration process doesn't start with an application, as many people think, but with careful prior legal research so that the process will be successful.

If the proper research isn't done first you may find yourself dealing with a trademark opposition.

Given the huge volume of existing registered trademark rights, it often happens that your preferred name has already been taken.

An Opposition is a challenge to your trademark registration that can be brought by any other trademark owner trying to prevent you from protecting your name.

Warning: If you do not defend yourself against an opposition, your trademark registration will probably fail. This can lead to the investment you have made being wasted, and can even mean you have to re-brand and change your business name.

Avoid a Trademark Opposition: The smart approach

The best way to avoid these dangers is to get some decent legal advice before you begin the trademark registration process

Many lawyers will charge you several hundred pounds for that advice.

Other trademark services will provide computer-generated advice that has not been seen by any sort of lawyer at all. These are not always the best ways to proceed. Take a look at our trademark registration blog case study for more on this.

We provide free legal advice and our trademark lawyers are among the best in the country.

Avoid opposition problems by taking advantage of our Free Trademark Search or Free Legal Consultation services.

Facing a Trademark Opposition?

If you are already facing an opposition, the good news is that it does not mean that your application has already failed. 

Not all trademark oppositions are successful and the people opposing your trademark registration may simply be trying to scare you off. Again, tactics are crucially important and the very worst thing you can do is just ring up the other party and try to negotiate a deal. Please contact us immediately and take some free legal advice first before you do anything at all. Until you have done that you should avoid all contact with the opposing party or you may badly weaken your case.

We deal with hundreds of trademark disputes every year. So please call us first for guidance. 

Trademark registration is a specialist area of law so if you are involved in a trademark dispute, do not delay - get in touch with us now and protect your trademark registration investment.

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