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Trademark a Business Name?

It is essential to trademark a business name if you are using that business name as a trading name on any products or services.

The only way you can get the exclusive right to use a business name is to register a trade.

Moreover, if you start to use as a trademark a business name that someone else has already registered, you are liable to be sued in damages …so it is important to get this right!

You cannot trade mark a business name at Companies House. This will give you virtually no legal protection in terms of stopping others using your name.

And although it is a very common mistake, you cannot trade mark a business name simply by registering it as a domain name.

Trademark registration is the only way to trademark a business name or logo and prevent others taking advantage of the goodwill and value of your business.

This site is dedicated to providing you with legal support on how to trademark a business name so that no-one else can use it for the same products or services ….so why not contact us right away for some free advice.

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TRADEMARK A BUSINESS NAME When you are satisfied that your chosen trademark is legally available and you want to go ahead and trademark a business name we will handle the whole trademark registration process for you. We will draft the best trademark specification for your business, deal with all Registry queries and conduct any necessary Registry hearings. FIXED FEES ..NO hidden costs!

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