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Trademark a logo

In addition to protecting brand names, it is also possible to trademark a logo, either on its own or in combination with the product name.

The most successful logos – or devices, to use the legal term – become extremely well-known to the public and are instantly recognisable. If one thinks of McDonald’s, the Golden Arches device instantly comes to mind, and similarly the famous ‘Swoosh’ device is immediately associated with the Nike trademark.

A logo is a powerful asset in its own right and our invariable advice is that you should trademark a logo at the earliest possible opportunity by way of trademark registration as a registered trade mark so that the value and goodwill associated with the device will always be associated uniquely with your business.

Whilst a logo is most certainly acts as a trademark, a logo does have some automatic protection under copyright law. However, copyright cannot be relied on, is difficult and costly to enforce, and is subject to wide intentional differences in terms of the legal protections available.

We therefore always recommend the stronger and more immediate registered rights obtained when you successfully trademark a logo. Registration lasts for ten years, and can be renewed in perpetuity, on payment of nominal fees every decade.

Speak to our experts for advice on protecting your valuable intellectual property, whether you have a trademark, a logo, a slogan or other invention that you want to protect legally.

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