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Trademark Registration - How long does it take?

There are several stages in trademark registration. The time scales below are indicative of how long it takes to register a trade mark from the date that it is filed, but overall the process can take between 3 and 8 months, and sometimes over a year.

Important: Although the technical process  of trade mark registration can take 3-4 months or sometimes longer, it is important to note that your protection will be back-dated to the date of your application. Anyone who has used your registered trademark since the date of your application without your permission will have infringed your registered trademark rights. This means that fast service by your legal team is what is important – a speedy trademark registration means better protection.

Preparation Stage

We know the value of quick, responsive action when it comes to trademark registration. We aim to prepare and file your application within just a day of getting your confirmed instrutions to proceed.

We also know the value of maintaining contact with one individual, and not just  dealing with a faceless organisation. If you use our Free Trademark Search or Free Legal Advice facilities, the details you provide will be delivered directly to a specialist lawyer who will be involved with your case from beginning to end and who will call you to discuss your of charge.

Trademark Registration - The Examination Stage

Once your trademark application is filed it will enter the “examination stage” which can take anything up to 2 months. This is a technical examination by the Trademarks Registry to see whether your trademark application is legally suitable for trademark registration.

The first thing to happen when it has been examined is that a letter will be sent with detailed findings of this technical examination.

During this examination period we correspond with the Trade Mark Office to answer any queries they may have and to fine-tune the trademark application in response to their observations.

Our experience of Trademark Registry practices is invaluable at this stage to protect your investment and ultimately to ensure that your mark is accepted for trademark registration.

Trademark REGISTRATIONTrademark Registration - The Publication Stage

Once your trade mark application has passed substantive examination at the Registry,  it will be published in either the Trade Mark Journal (UK trademark registration), or the Community Trade Mark Bulletin (European trademark reg).

This is an official publication listing all the applications for trademark registration made each week.

A UK trade mark will be published for a period of 2 months (or 3 months-see below). This is called the 'Opposition Period'.  

During this time your trade mark can be opposed or challenged by a prior-rights owner or any third party. This period can be extended to 3 months by anyone considering opposition.

A European trade mark is published for a period of 3 months. This time frame cannot be extended.

Although all trademarks have to be published by law, not all of them are opposed. It is our aim to make sure your application has the best chance possible of achieving trademark registration. We do this through legal analysis, detailed research, and by careful, tactical presentation.

Trademark Registration - The Registration Stage

Trademark registration happens automatically after the expiration of the publication period.

However, it may take some time before a Trade Mark Certificate is received.

We will manage this process and will send your certificate to you, or if you request it we will store it on file for safe keeping on your behalf.

Once your trademark is registered, it is protected for 10 years renewable.

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