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Free Legal Advice on How to Trademark Name Rights

We are contacted by many UK businesses, on a daily basis, for advice on how they can trademark name rights, designs and the other kinds of intellectual property such as logos and slogans that they use in their business. More and more people are beginning to understand the legal power of a registered trademark. Names in business are extremely valuable commodities and, of course, they should be protected as registered trademarks.

In fact, it is very dangerous to use any trademark, name or logos in business if you have not registered them as a registered trademark. Names are very powerful and can build up huge reputation and goodwill. But if you have not protected these names as registered trademarks, you can lose this reputation and goodwill along with all of its value, literally overnight, if someone else registers your name as a trademark ahead of you.

However, many people still think that the only way to trademark name rights or slogans is to register them as part of a company name at Companies House. In fact, this does not get you any exclusive rights at all. Nor does registration of the trademark, name or slogas as internet domain names. The only way to secure legal and exclusive rights to the use of a trademark, name, logo or slogan is to protect them as registered trademarks by way of trademark registration.

Trademark registration ensures no only that you will have the exclusive right to use your business name for the goods and/or services for which it is registered but also that you will not be infringing the trademark rights of someone else who might otherwise own the registered trademark. Names and are becoming even more important as business takes place increasingly online where web traffic depends on your ability to control a name in the search engines. We know from first-hand experience that legal conflicts relating to the use of names are becoming more and more common. The message is simple: always trademark names by way of trademark registration and in this way you stand the very best chance of establishing and maintaining exclusive ownership of your brands and stopping your competitors hijacking your name, your reputation and, ultimately, your business.

Run through this quick bullet-point list of the benefits of trademark registration and you will undertand the important of trademarking names.

We advise all kinds of businesses on a daily basis on how to trademark names and we have a team of lawyers you can contact right now who specialise in doing just that and who will be pleased to give you some free legal advice. We can also run a free trademark search for you to find out whether your trademark is legally available for use and registration.

So please do call us now or submit your details to us and we will get back to you to discuss your specific requirements.

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